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Frequently asked questions

Following are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions..

Do I need planning permission?

No, not necessarily. The need of planning permission is completely dependant on the work that need to be done. Under council regulation extension, lofts or other building work can be done under Building Control with going through the lenghty planning permission process.. For full details please visit Planning Portal or Alternatively, you can speak to your local council or a member of Sandhay Constructions Ltd for further information.

Do I need plans/architect drawings?

The need for plans depends on what work is being done. For small projects such as porch or internal reconfiguration, plans are not needed but it is always a good idea to have the plans as it provides you with a clear picture of what is going to happen. For bigger projects such lofts and extensions, you will need plans/drawings and they will need to be submitted to your local council council before the building work can begin. Sandhay Constructions Ltd. has architects and engineers that can prepare the plans and/or structural calculations for you.

How experienced are Sandhay Construction Ltd.

Sandhay Constructions Ltd. is a well established firm with a good customer base and have undertaken work throughout United Kingdom.

Do I get guarantee for the work?

Sandhay constructions offer their own yearly warranty on their work. However, depending on the size of the project and customer requirement we can offer up to a 10 year warranty on the works undertaken by us.

When can you start the work?

We normally need a minimum of 3 week notice to start any medium to large sized contract. Smaller contract can sometimes be started earlier, depending on availability.


Pleae contact us to find our schedule and for a accurate timescale.

What is the estimated completion time for the project?

An accurate completion timescale can only be given after discussing your exact requirement and assessing the extend of work required.


However, as a general guideline, our timescale for finishing a single story extension or a average size loft conversion is 8-10 weeks.

The next step?

So, if you are planning to or have already planned to extend your living space, contact us now for a FREE no obligation quotation.

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